Our focus on the Life Sciences and FMCG industries in combination with high quality services is the foundation to adding value to your company. Customer focus, flexible workflows, a broad network and innovative technologies are used to match your requests. You define the set up. Based on a detailed analysis of your requirements, an individual service package will be customized for you.

Permanent Employees

We will find the right specialists and executives for you.


Make use of our network and active candidate approach. We identify suitable candidates that are interested in fix and long term working relationships.

Freelance Consultants

Flexible consultants and specialists on a hourly or daily basis.


Get expert knowledge for niche areas in the form of freelance consultants in your company. With our highly specialized database we will find the right one for you.

Temporary Employment

In cooperation with strong partners we offer temporary employment.


Many companies build areas on the principle of ANÜ. Connect with us as a reliable partner.


As a holistic recruiting solution, we offer a full scale Applicant Lifecycle Service for your company that we implement on site.

  • management of job descriptions – writing and posting

  • applicant approach and preselection

  • applicant tracking

  • appointment coordination and correspondence

  • contract negotiations

  • implementation of supporting technologies

  • multi provider management

  • analysis and consultation

WECO Experts is your specialist for the Life Science and FMCG industries

Benefit from our specialization in the Life Sciences and FMCG industries. We activate our network and provide you with the suitable candidate from management level to experts with specific niche knowledge as well as for lower level positions.



Digitalization and innovation can also be part of your HR department. Make use of current big data technologies and profit from systems to picture and support HR processes.

  • Google AdWords

  • Facebook

  • Instagram


  • Applicant Tracking System

  • Career Portal

  • Customer Relationship Management


In our cooperation we offer flexibility, adapting to you. In addition, we focus on established processes for the best results possible.

  • Step 1

    Job Qualification

    If you have not yet formulated a vacancy, we will actively support you by developing a specific advertisement.

  • Step 2

    Candidate search

    Through a network that has been built up over many years, the usual job and social media portals, job advertisements and intelligent database technology, we qualify the best available candidates for you.

  • Step 3

    Profile Presentation

    We provide you with a shortlist of the best qualified candidates and discuss individual strengths, opportunities and risks with you.

  • Step 4

    Interview process

    You can count on our support throughout the interview process. We coordinate the interview and prepare all parties accordingly.

  • Step 5

    Contract Fulfillment

    We submit your offer to the candidate, take over the negotiation and go through the conditions, involving all parties with the aim of completing the process to their full satisfaction.

  • Step 6

    Follow Up

    As the partner for a long-term cooperation, we would like to grow together with you. With a follow-up, we lay the foundation for continuously improving processes as the basis for a sustainable partnership.

WECO Experts

Since its foundation WECO Experts GmbH has specialized in projects in the Life Sciences and FMCG industries and acts as a strong partner for experts and companies.