WE at WECO stand for fe-male empowerment, 50% of our founding committee is female @Malin and we just welcomed @Annina to the management team. She will be in charge of our contracting side of the business, providing excellent freelance experts for our clients in the Life Science industry. On top of that, 70% of our colleagues are female and of course our male colleagues play an equal role in our success as a team such as being Awarded the Winners of  #APSCO Best Start Up 2022.
@Malin is also a member of @encourageventures, a platform for female founders and inventors, that campaign for more diversity in the start-up and investor landscape!
The „encourage“ in #encourageventures for @Malin means supporting, motivating and lifting each other UP.
Tackling challenges with full force and successfully conquering them – to path the way for other females.
Encourageventures, offers a space for like minded female enthusiasts to share, discuss and explore different topics: an amazing platform to network
#weco #iwd #encourageventures #women’s day #apsco
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