Back in Munich with a HUGE smile on our faces.

AfE 2022 29 WECO Experts

IMG 20221020 091332 2 WECO Experts

The reason?

The WECO Experts Team won the APSCO Award of Excellence as „Best Start-up Company of the Year“ in Wiesbaden two days ago.

We’ve been asked quite frequently how we manage to navigate through the rollercoaster. Our answer to this is: with an extra positive mindset and the belief that there will always be sunshine after rainy days, pushing boundaries, a strong client focus, delivering extraordinary service and quality, flexibility, being diverse & different and never forget to have FUN!

The journey up until today has indeed been a rollercoaster but we try to learn from our mistakes, keep our heads up and always go the extra mile.

A special thanks goes to the amazing WECO team: you rock and without you guys we would not be at this point of our journey.

We would also like to thank all the amazing people and stakeholders that accompanied us throughout our journey and made this possible by opening doors, providing chances, believing in the concept, coaching us, sharing ideas as well as criticism and last but not least just being there.

Another special thanks goes out to the beautiful people of APSCO. Without you guys there wouldn’t be an award…;-)

Furthermore we shout out another huge congratulation to all Award Winners of the other categories: Michael Page, Thryve Talent, Aristo Gorup, Academic Works.

So well deserved, we hope you´re also still smiling and dancing through your offices.

IMG 20221019 WA0005 WECO Experts

Thank you once again!

Not more left to say than: stay healthy, stay positive, stay excellent and rock on!