We kick-started the Spring season with some insights about the Recruitment World. We at WECO Experts GmbH are keeping our eyes on the 2023 Recruiting Trends in order to provide you, our clients and candidates with the most outstanding services.

Candidate experience
Which is in general defined as how a candidate navigates the entire hiring process experience through an organisation. This experience sustains the health and well-being of candidates who then ideally become employees. It also promotes a positive work-life balance and gives a positive experience that ultimately adds to happiness, higher motivation to work and willingness to be productive.
Nowadays, it is crucial to make sure that the candidate experience is smooth from start to end, to enable candidates to not only quickly apply for jobs but to shorten the bridge to those, who also have other options available to them. It is equally important to keep in mind that we are dealing with a time where the market is highly candidate-driven. Job galore but given the competitiveness in the market it is rather difficult to hire and retain employees and above all happily. If a client can’t offer what a candidate is looking or asking for, chances are they will lose them to one who does.

Remote interviewing & work
Though many companies have already adopted remote interviewing for the whole interviewing process, most still prefer to use both options: remote and in presence in order to create better human connections. Remote interviewing does have its benefits such as speeding processes ‚lead-time‘ and reducing travelling costs. On the other hand, in presence interviewing allows for a more personal ‚get to know‘ experience not only with interviewers or the direct contact individuals in charge of the position but also with the future colleagues and team. Nowadays, the word remote is not only associated with interviewing but as a must for most candidates in their contractual offer. Though many companies can not offer the possibility of working remotely due to the nature of the job, etc, they are nevertheless opting to offer other benefits as an exchange. This possibility increases the chances of successful mediations.
And not to forget is the hybrid model, which in most circumstances is for both candidates and companies a perfect work-life balance combo.

Diversity and inclusion 
This is another growing focus topic for HR drivers that directly affects talent acquisition and recruitment. Diversity and inclusion nowadays, not only covers – as should gender, age, race … but also new or single parents who are ready to get back to the workforce but can’t at full time, skilled workers who are still developing the requested language skills and need that day-to-day exposure, proficient disabled individuals that would rather feel more comfortable working completely remote than to commute and be in the office. A diverse and inclusive workplace has better productivity and profitability as well as fosters a happier work environment. There is further need for flexibility when it comes to this topic and many companies are now looking to boost their workforce by introducing programs, training sessions and being more informative on it, in order to be able to provide both job and career opportunities as well as spaces that accomodate all groups of candidates and employees.

Skills and competencies 
Having a top notch CV – meticulously written with detailed past work experiences, skills and competences, as well as buzz words, is still very important when applying for jobs. After all, it is from a CV that employers will get a first idea/ picture of a potential candidate. Nowadays though, a CV is not all that is needed to nail a job interview and at last get the job neither is, ‚correctly‘ answering every single question. Soft skills are more and more in demand. Personality, communication skills, aspirations and motivations, ‚the driving force‘, may as well as be among the strongest deciding factors companies set in order to extend contracts to candidates and vice-versa, candidates feeling inclined to signing them.

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