Certainly, before the COVID-19 pandemic, there were already trends and practices related to remote working, hybrid work arrangements, and workstation setups. It’s nevertheless a fact, that the pandemic significantly accelerated the adoption of these trends and practices, globally.

Fact → The working landscape went through a profound and undeniable transformation.

The widespread lockdowns and social distancing measures forced many organizations to adapt quickly, leading to a more widespread acceptance and normalization of remote and flexible work.

Fact → The trends and practices that were emerging before the pandemic became even more prominent during and right after the global health crisis.

But as many employers now see the pandemic in their rearview mirror, could it be that these trends and practices will soon no longer be the norm and in-office presence will again be mandatory?

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Well, opinions differ but it’s important to note that, the following plays a big role:

● Industry

● Regional factors

● Nature of the job

● Company policies

● Different generations – different beliefs and expectations

● Others…

Fact → Which model works best, is therefore not a ‘one shoe fits all’ scenario but rather a much more complex one.

All in one and as we look ahead, employers seem to be leaning towards having their workforce be more present in the office again though a deeper conversation into a 100% return to pre-pandemic, traditional 5-day-in-office work week is proving to be a challenge. In short, employers argue that being in person encourages collaboration and drives productivity whereas even though employees may agree they also argue that the long commutes and family obligations demands for flexibility.

For now, as 2024 continues to show a strong preference towards different working models and with new technologies and innovations making these dynamic ways of working possible, efficient and balanced, it will be interesting to see how these trends and practices continue to develop or not.


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